Best Rowing Machine Under $500 (In 2021)

A great deal of visitors ask me “What is the very best rowing maker under $500?”.

The old saying goes, “you get what you spend for” and this cliché applies to whatever! Primarily.

This stating holds true most of the time because the greater priced items tend to have the highest quality.

Nevertheless, it does not suggest there aren’t good quality products in the low-to-mid price varieties.

Sadly, to discover the “diamonds in the rough” you need to spend more time researching. Time that the majority of us don’t have!

If you look at all rowing maker choices, there are lots of strong high-end models, however not everybody can pay for these rowers or require all the functions these machines provide.

For the more budget-conscious people trying to find a full-body workout device that is half the rate of an elliptical or treadmill, a low-to-mid end rowing device under $500 would be perfect for their requirements.

If you looked at how many rowers there are in this cost range, there are still plenty to select from (which is a good thing), however which one is the best rowing machine under $500?

I address this question and more listed below! Plus, don’t miss out on the ‘Final Thoughts’ section where I advise an alternative choice.
Important Criteria.

It’s easy to just name the very best rower under $500, but I want to describe how I got to my decision.

Below is the list of essential criteria I thought about when figuring out the very best rowing machine under $500:.
Resistance Type.

Many rowers in this price variety are hydraulic-piston resistance makers however there are a few air and magnetic resistance makers too.
All resistance-types aren’t developed equal and each have their advantages and disadvantages. The preferred resistance-type should provide smooth, even resistance throughout the stroke.
Resistance level need to be strong enough for all levels of physical fitness.
There ought to be minimal mechanical failures or upkeep.

Display/ Control Panel.

Performance keeps track of in this cost variety aren’t anticipated to do anything remarkable but at least should tape-record basic workout data.
Recorded information should include: exercise time, variety of rowing strokes, and range rowed.

Build Quality.

The rower is anticipated to last a minimum of 3-5 years (ideally a lot longer!), while being used routinely.
It’s crucial to pick a model with a long lasting frame and is constructed with quality materials.
The rower ought to have low unfavorable feedback and very few quality grievances.


Rowing is a repetitive movement, so it’s crucial the rower is comfortable to use and run.
The seat ought to be comfortable to sit on, the handle shouldn’t injure your hands when grasping it, and the footrests ought to conveniently secure your feet.
The general rowing movement ought to feel natural and smooth.

Storage Options.

Typically speaking, rowing machines generally have relatively big footprints, so it’s a bonus to find one that has the alternative to be folded up and saved away.
Saving ought to likewise be fast and simple.

User Capacity.

Makers have different weight and leg length/ height capability.
A rowing maker should be able to accommodate a vast array of weights and heights.


Rowing makers have various dimensions, so make certain you have enough space to comfortably use it.


Some rowers can take as little as 15 minutes to create, while others can take a few hours.
Obviously, the simpler to assemble the better.


The longer the guarantee the much better, however it is necessary to read the small print.
Does the stated warranty cover just the frame or other moving parts too?
How great is the client service for handling guarantee problems?


Besides being under $500, it has to be valued correctly.
The price tag only exposes one small part of the story and needs to be factored in with everything listed above.

Advised- Best Rowing Machine Under $500.

Drum roll please! After mindful factor to consider, I have reached a conclusion!

The best rowing device under $500 is the Stamina Air Rower 1399.

Finest rowing machine under $500.

With a long lasting frame, backed by a generous service warranty, the Stamina 1399 provides a solid rowing experience frequently discovered on devices that cost 3x more!

It’s an air-resistance rower that has ‘variable’ resistance identified by the rowing intensity of the user, so workouts can be changed on the fly.

Its storage features permit the footprint to be lowered by half when not in use and has integrated wheels that make it simple to walk around when required.

Inspect most affordable pricing.
Why The Stamina Air Rower 1399?

This was a tough choice to make because there are so many good rowers in this price-range.

Nevertheless, the choosing factor that led me to pick the Stamina Air Rower 1399 is it’s an air-resistance rowing maker.

I favor air-resistance rowers since they offer on-the-fly ‘variable’ resistance, have a smoother rowing movement, and typically last longer compared to magnetic and hydraulic-piston resistance devices.

Click on this link to see a summary and comparison of the different rowing machine resistance types.

The Stamina 1399 also costs ~ 66% less than the higher-end air rowers, so to discover one that’s equivalent in this price range is pretty uncommon.

For a more in-depth review reviewing the ‘important requirements’ listed above: visit my complete Stamina 1399 review.

Best Budget Rowing Machine Under $500.

When shopping, the more you pay typically implies you’re getting higher quality, however that does not imply you can’t find something comparable for a lower rate.

The Stamina Air Rower uses a strong rowing experience that’s comparable to rowers priced much higher and is the best in the under $500 rate range.

If you’re searching for a premium rowing maker, without the pricey price tag, look no more than the Stamina Air Rower 1399.

Green Price Button.
Final Thoughts.

If you are searching for the very best rowing maker under $500 and likewise looking for the best budget plan air rowing machine, then the Stamina Air Rower 1399 is for you!

Nevertheless, there are some people who can’t utilize air rowing machines since they make more sound than the other resistance types. These individuals may be more interested in magnetic or hydraulic-piston rowing makers due to their low sound level.

My option for the very best economical rowing maker that is magnetic is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rower.

It has much of the exact same excellent features as the Stamina Air Rower however generally differs in resistance type (magnetic vs. air). I likewise voted it the “Best Rowing Machine Under $300”.

So if you want the best spending plan rowing maker that is magnetic, check out the above links. If you choose an air rowing machine, then select the Stamina Air Rower!

Do you agree with my option for the very best rowing machine under $500? Let me understand in the comment section listed below!
3 ideas on “Best Rowing Machine Under $500”.

May 5, 2020 at 8:56 pm.

your evaluation is the very best evaluation I have actually checked out. I do not have Stamina 1399 yet, however it seems its only problem is how far you can extend the arms to reach the handle. Base on measurement on the picture, it is only 7 ″ from the foot strap, and the height from foot strap to the deal with is 15.5 ″( simply a guesswork).
Sunny Health RW5728 is the other choice I am thinking for. RW5728 has the advantage of 13 ″ to reach arms, and 19 ″ from for strap to deal with height. Aside from this I believe Stamina 1399 transcends. The fan utilized in Stamina looks exactly very same type of fan used on principle 2.
I love to see your reveiw on RW5728 in contrast to Stamina 1399.
May 6, 2020 at 3:32 am.

Hi there Ahad– thank you for the kinds words and for the comment! I will add the RW5728 to the list!

You are proper that the forward extension is one of the most essential aspects to take a look at when buying a budget air rower and a lot of individuals miss it!
May 6, 2020 at 7:56 pm.

Another thing I forgot to discuss, On Stamina the middle leg is in contact to floor while in use. I have seen a video while rowing the front leg goes off ground, which implies the whole weight is on that small middle assistance, however on RW5728 the middle leg is off the flooring while in use, and the whole weight is on real front and back, not on middle assistance. I am unsure, but I believe this contributes in stability.

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